Thursday, March 26, 2009

Water for Elephants

So, for my core illustration class, we were assigned to design a book cover for the novel Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen. Luckily, I'd read this a few months ago, so it was pretty easy for me to do something more narrative, or that related to the characters. I'm not that happy with the colours, in fact I kind of like my original paintings better. Maybe I'll comp them together again from scratch at some point. My professor seemed to like it, though, so it's not all bad.


anjo said...

how come you got 2 blogs?
should i link this one instead then?

Frances Lee said...

awesomeness! i friggin' love your characters! i like the overall feel of the entire piece, gives you a sense of whats inside...ya know?

anjo said...

i got a new blog URL

Cindy said...

How did I even miss that greyish head. What a beautiful elephant!!!